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Nina Grunfeld               Smith Square, SW1                                       Monthly from 10.00am - 1.00pm. Arrive 9.45am.                                            2018 workshops are below. Best deal is to buy for 10-months, (it can roll into 2019)    

Feb 24th: Knowing Where To Start      Book Now                                             March 24th: Building Better Habits              Book Now                                                  *March 10th: Menopause workshop
Book Now
April 21st: Eliminating Problems          Book Now  


*April 28th: Full Steam Ahead                Book Now
May 26th: Making An Impact                 Book Now
June 29th: Knowing What You Want    Book Now
July 28th: Relaxing Your Life                  Book Now                                         September 1st: Making Better Connections                                           Book Now                                         September 29th: Loving What You Do Book Now                                             October 27th: Finding More Inspiration Book Now                                        November 24th: Bouncing Back Higher Book Now
* Day workshops in Westminster