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Success stories

Come to Life Clubs and you’re joining over 5,000 other clubbers making changes and improving their lives - both at our local clubs and in the workplace. It's exciting.

Here are a few who have shared their story.

Who knows? One day it could be you.

'Life Clubs gave me the key to find my buried motivation and confidence. That confidence has found me such a great job and opportunity'

'Life Clubs helped me to realise that I could turn my hobby into a successful business.'


'Life Clubs has helped me be more open. It's made my work environment an amazing place to be and my home life a '10'.'

'I’ve got some consultancy work and feel much more confident. The effect of Life Clubs has lasted a long time.'

'Life Clubs provided a strong foundation for me to find a great new home and a career that has taken me from strength to strength.'

Found love

'Life Clubs made me realise that the only obstacle to meeting anyone was me.'


'Life Clubs gives you a structure for how to think about your life - if you're not happy with it, you change it.'