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Just before Christmas last year, I unexpectedly lost my job and went on a downward spiral. I took it very personally and felt a complete failure and was  ashamed to tell people. I just wanted to hide from the world, which really was not like me. I lost myself in isolation and life became flat - with no motivation, inspiration, confidence, humour or self-love.

My son suggested Life Clubs, but as my confidence was at rock bottom I was really frightened to go! I forced myself to go even though I was not feeling myself, and was really proud of myself that I went.

 remember coming out of one workshop feeling clearer in my head and with some options to move on. Having been very down about losing my job, interviews became happier, less tense and enjoyable. In the end I didn’t even think about turning up for the interview as an interview, but as an exciting way to meet new people, gain invaluable experience, and acquire some free information about how a particular company works.

Life Clubs gave me the key to unlock the vault of emotional rubbish in my head and find my buried motivation and confidence! That confidence has found me such a great job and opportunity.

Thank you Life Clubs!