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Katharine Ellis      




Katharine is open, warm, friendly, authentic and naturally curious about life and people. A true people-person. For many years she co-ran a Tennis Coaching Academy in Cambridge and in 2010 qualified as a Life Coach. Katharine has also taught TEFL in Portugal – teaching small groups of adults a second language.

I brought the New Year Big Issue from Damien as usual – and there was an article in

it from Life Clubs: ‘Today I watched the sunrise’. The article was about the best thing that happened to you today and I loved the positive way of thinking that it focused on. I then got onto the Life Clubs website and was hooked.

Being part of Life Clubs is a fantastically rich and rewarding experience. After a breakdown in my relationship I was dealing with issues of low self-esteem and anxieties of being totally independent after many years of supporting a partner in his business and bringing up my two lovely children. I am now establishing my own coaching practice and on-site acupressure massage business with the confidence and self-belief that I have realised through attending Life Clubs.