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When Janine originally found Life Clubs, she was at a point in her life where she was changing jobs and had just lost her home (through a painful relationship break-up).

Life Clubs provided a strong foundation for me to find a great new home and choose a career that has taken me from strength to strength.

Each workshop gave me time to focus on myself and one part of my life, for that day. It's very rare to have that time, so to sit and focus on one thing AND that focus being on you is such a precious gift.

I've gone freelance, working at The Geffrye Museum, and it’s all very exciting.

But most importantly, I’ve gone back to what I love the most – acting. I studied drama, but never took it up as a career. Recently, feeling more confident, I went for an audition, got the part and was just in an award-winning play at the Olivier Theatre. I’ve made a dream come true and feel there’s no limit on anything anymore.

After Life Clubs, I’ve understood more about myself. I came when I was ready to change and I found that, with each workshop, I could hone in something and make it happen. Life Clubs puts people back in control of their lives!