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I think Life Clubs is amazing. Not that my life wasn't great before, but I now feel I have so much more ability to change my circumstances and my relationships. I have a better perspective on life and what I want from it. There's something positive about the long-term benefits of having a structure and going continuously.

When I first went to Life Clubs I was a bit less confident. I used to live for other people and now I feel I'm living as much for myself as for others. For example, I was the solitary cleaner and cooker in my family and I've now been able to shift some responsibilities so I can do some of the things I want.

Similarly I never really thought I had any impact on what was happening around me. I'd go along with whatever was going on rather than say 'No'. Now I decide what I want much more.

Life Clubs has helped me be more open. It's made my work environment an amazing place to be and my home life a '10'. I used to beat myself up all the time and I now forgive myself much more, I feel like more of a full person.'

I used the skills I'd learnt at Life Clubs to negotiate for a permanent position as Senior Co-ordinator Programme Development in the public health sector and understood how to structure my job to use my best skills and attributes. It makes my job both rewarding and easy.'