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Inspirational... You work in groups of two or three... never did I feel pressurised to reveal too much. Evening Standard

Genuine moments of self-discovery came by talking to other clubbers. Each clubber received a manual with tips and work sheets. Life Clubs offered gentle guidance to getting to know myself better. Daily Express

The genius of the format is that it can be applied to any preoccupation, wherever you are in your life or work. Daily Telegraph

What I liked about the Life Clubs workshops was how normal they felt... small changes,  practical to-do lists rather than pulling my soul apart on the table. All About You



The clubs tend to appeal to people who already have decent lives, but know they can make them even better. Time Out

We're great fans of Life Clubs with their practical and inspirational workshops on everything from growing your confidence to unearthing your talents. Zest

Approaching my Life Clubs with some degree of cynicism and self-consciousness, I leave feeling enlightened with a perspective that I encourage more people to apply. Newcastle Journal

Making a good life better. Peter York, author, broadcaster, journalist