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When Frances started at Life Clubs she had no hair from her chemotherapy, had already gone back to work.

Life Clubs made me focus. I remember the workshop in which I thought about what made me happy as a child. I then put a few of those things into a week which would otherwise have been grind and exhaustion. It made the difference between having a 'happy' or a 'sad' week.

The one missing thing in the equation was a partner. Divorced at 31, told by a matchmaking bureau at 38, 'You're too old and you earn too much money – there's no

demand for women like you,' Frances had been 'terribly lonely' for twenty years. 'I think I'd gone past the point of no return. I thought I'd never meet a man, let alone one that was free. And I'd also begun to think I'd be no good at a long-term relationship. Life Clubs made me realise that the only obstacle to meeting anyone was me.

When you've given up finding anyone and least expect it, and when you've got your life pretty well under control (thanks to a year at Life Clubs), things happen... and I met Martin!

Martin and Frances have been together for a year now. He's all I have looked for all my life. If I hadn't done Life Clubs, I would have been so buried in negativity, nothing would have registered. Instead it was so easy.