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2018/19 workshops

 Bouncing Back Higher (November)

Time to Find your Purpose (January)
Time to Find your Direction (February)
Time to Find more Clarity (March)
Time to Focus (April)
Time to be Courageous (May)
Time to Connect (June)

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2018 schedule

Each month from February to November, Life Clubs will be running an identical half-day workshop at each of their venues. It's a great way of sharing an experience with a friend who doesn't live near you - you each attend a club and chat afterwards about your learnings.

We suggest you sign up for a few workshops at the location nearest you, but if you want to pop in to a one-off workshop that you like the look of, that's fine too. We'd suggest buying the series and swapping clubs if you can't make a particular date.

Places get booked up, so we advise booking early. It means you can get your pre-learning too.

Our 2018 Creating Space series will take you on a journey enabling you to find your clear direction. You'll be exploring what you want next in your life - both for work and play and what's creating the blockage that's stopping you getting there. Start any month, and the more workshops you attend, the more you'll notice your life changing.

We very much look forward to welcoming you to your nearest Life Clubs. Or, if there isn't a Life Clubs near you, treat yourself (or a friend) to one of our books or an online course that you can do in the comfort of your home - or on your commute. And, for the ultimate luxury, some one to one coaching. Available for you right now.