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Our founder Nina Grunfeld has written a number of popular personal development books. While they are each unique, what they have in common is that they all enhance your life in easy and practical ways.

Our books bring Life Clubs to you and keep you positive and on track. They’re easy to follow, interactive and also the best looking self-improvement books around – don’t you agree?

Turn the page for more information on The Life Book, The Big Book of Me and How To Get What You Want.

Or read how they changed Jessica's life.

The Life Book

The Life Book is a personal advisor for a good life.

An introductory section for each area of your life helps you to clarify the questions you may have and leads you to alphabetically arranged entries that give you a more useful perspective – no matter what life is throwing at you.

From body language and confidence to loneliness and upping your achievements, it’s a guru of your own to turn to for any question. What could be better?

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The Big Book of Me

The Big Book of Me starts from where you are now and, using simple thought-provoking questions, moves you forward in clear action steps to the future you really want.

Discover your life purpose, take control of your time, get focused and become your own biggest fan.

Filled with really practical daily exercises that you can do at your own pace that only take a few minutes of your time.

This book produces real results fast.

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How To Get What You Want

How To Get What You Want was written for young people, to help them know who they really are and what they can truly accomplish.

It covers all of our favourite themes – confidence, values, identity, success – in a fun and easily accessible way. We hear from parents that they’re enjoying it as much as their children.

Basically, if you’re still asking questions about how to get what you want from life, you’ll love it.


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