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Jessica's story

Jessica Bonnard worked through The Big Book of Me on holiday and made some decisions.

The biggest decision was that I wanted to start my own business. Up until then I'd been running a successful franchise teaching French to children. I had 12 teachers, so it was very frightening to give up, but I realised I had to do it. The book also helped me decide to do IVF. The IVF was pretty horrendous and unsuccessful, but I'm so glad I did it or I would have spent the rest of my life saying 'What if?' On the final day the IVF treatment was cancelled and instead I went to a Life Clubs Open Day.

Working as a Life Clubs Host I used the Life Clubs materials in my life more and more. We may all know this stuff, but we have to keep applying it to

our lives.

One day, I realised that my French language school could be franchised AND translated in to other languages- but it was outside of my comfort zone.  Life Clubs helped me to take small steps to create Language for Fun which now has 50 Language Schools throughout the UK.

The energy I've got from Life Clubs has been great. As well as my business, I've started a Football Club at my daughter's school and I now go to a monthly writing group. I'm no longer saying 'This is what's happened to me', I'm taking action, I'm making things happen. I want my daughter to see that you can make a difference in your life.

Currently living in the Alps with a 16-year old Lettie and thinking of ways to move here permanently and get my husband to come over too! Will let you know when mission accomplished!