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When Brian retired he was euphoric. He had devoted his life to his career, and providing for his family. By the time he retired, he was divorced with two grown-up children, and was looking forward to freedom and time with his new partner.

Four years later he was feeling lost and unhappy. I was wondering what it was all about really. I had no particular financial worries, and a roof over my head, but somehow, I created this hive of activity so that I was stressed every second of the day.

Brian decided to go along to a Life Clubs workshop.

It was just very useful. It covered things like relationships, change, and how it happens. It produced insights into what was important for me to do at that time. Brian likes the practical approach. Life Clubs gives you a structure for how to think about your life, and if you're not happy with it, you change it.

After a few workshops, it emerged that one of Brian's main obstacles to happiness was his home, which he had neglected since moving out to live with his partner. He threw away whole chunks of his past: the boxes full of bank statements, the stereo speakers that no longer worked, the first computer he'd bought. He felt cleansed; had been forced to confront what he'd outgrown. He had taken stock and could now move on.