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Enjoying Your Success

Success is an attitude - a way we look at life, much like glass full, glass empty. Find your full glass at this stimulating half-day workshop.

This workshop takes you on a journey where you explore all the overwhelming options available to you and where you wish to go to next. It will help you understand what success means for you and how to focus on it for the future.

We'll help you discover what you do and don't want in your life and inspire you to see the positive success in everything you feel hasn't gone the way you wanted it to. You'll find a success perspective which will allow you to make instant decisions and solve problems without flinching.

From now on you'll shine in your own life. A wonderful workshop to finish the year with.

The result? Leave feeling life is clear and focused and knowing how you're going to tackle anything new that comes up in the future.

Leatherhead - 8th November           Guildford - 4th November                Twickenham - 8th November           Cambridge - 11th November 
Frome - 11th November   
Kensal Green - 11th November   
Richmond, N Yorkshire - 13th November
Harrow -18th November    
Westminster - 25th November 
Kingston - 26th November         Luxembourg - 25th November