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Making Every Minute Count

If there's one thing most of us share it's procrastination. In this workshop you'll find out what stops you getting on with things and what would motivate you to move forwards.

In this workshop you'll discover why you procrastinate - and we each have a different reason for doing so - and what your unique motivational tools are. We want you to leave feeling raring to go with nothing to stop you.

Motivation is one of the most valuable and powerful mind frames, it gives you the incentive to pursue and achieve, it incites activity, and without it no one would ever get anything done. This workshop will teach you how to find the innate motivational tools that

work for you and show you how you can use these tools to inspire yourself.

It's a powerful combination - a workshop on both procrastination and motivation. Your life will never be the same again.

The result? Understanding what makes you procrastinate and how you get motivated is exciting. Leave understanding how you work at your worst - and best.

Leatherhead - 4th October                Cambridge - 14th October 
Frome - 14th October
Kensal Green - 14th October                Harrow -21st October                           Westminster - 28th October 
Kingston - 29th October 

Luxembourg - 21st October