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Pushing Your Boundaries

So often we know what we want to achieve but can't somehow get there. This half-day workshop has been designed to gently steer you forwards. In the workshop you recognise the assumptions you're making about yourself and others and, through story telling, realise what can be different in your life.

Since the age of three we've been picking up prejudices both about ourselves and others. As adults we still use all those unexamined excuses to keep us safe and in our comfort zone. This workshop is about discovering how your thoughts are holding you back and how to move forwards from them in the most natural way.

We'll wrap this up with telling stories -

something we do all the time without realising it. Stories are very powerful in the way they can assist us in understanding and shaping both our identity and character. Plus you can create your own endings.

The result? Understand the part you play in your future and learn a few new exciting tools for moving you rapidly forwards.

Westminster - 24th June                  Kingston - 2nd July