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Finding More Inspiration

  • Are you bored with everything always being the same?
  • Do you feel at a loss to find a future that excites you?

When the American Psychological Association looked at data from over 90 studies, one trend became clear - we are not naturally prone to seeing things in new ways. Participants were found to be twice as likely to favour information that supported their pre-existing views

How can you become inspired to make bigger and better choices when your comfort zone is so, well... comfortable? You need access to an entirely new way of seeing things that leaves you with a vision you can't help but want.

Our workshop Finding Your Inspiration will teach you how to quickly and easily change your view on any area of your life, opening you up to all new ways of seeing. You'll then use an enjoyable tool to create a tagline for your new big vision that will keep you determined and motivated. 

The result? You'll discover new ways of seeing each area of your life that make you excited to make changes, and walk out with a set of unique cues to call upon whenever you need a boost of inspiration to keep you on track.

Finding More Inspiration is run in October in locations around the UK and beyond